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Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP)

The Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan is a nine-county effort to coordinate and improve water supply reliability, protect water quality, manage flood protection, maintain public health standards, protect habitat and watershed resources, and enhance the overall health of the bay.


Bay Area Grant Submittal: DWR Drought Relief Program - 130 MB pdf

DWR plans to expedite $200 million (of the remaining $472.5 million) in IRWM funding to support projects and programs that provide immediate regional drought preparedness, increase local water supply reliability and the delivery of safe drinking water, assist water suppliers and regions to implement conservation programs and measures that are not locally cost-effective, and/or reduce water quality conflicts or ecosystem conflicts created by the drought.  View the Bay Area application for the Round 3 Drought Relief grant. (130 MB pdf)

Cover page of Bay Area application.


    The Final 2013 Plan is now available!

    Our Prop 84 Round 2 Implementation Grant Application has been Recommended for award!!!!

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    Bay Area IRWMP Prop 84 Rounds


    The Bay Area IRWMP Coordinating Committee has reviewed regional and subregional concepts submitted for applicability to DWR’s drought solicitation screening them against regional factors as well as DWR scoring criteria.  Project submittals not evaluated for the drought round will be carried forward under DWR’s 2015 IRWM round.


    2013 Update of the Bay Area IRWMP

    BAIRWMPlogoSmlFinal Plan - The final version of the 2013 Bay Area IRWM Plan is now available. Please visit the Final 2013 Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan page to access the document.

    Public Workshops 

    Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Information

    DAC Image.jpg
    View and download maps illustrating locations of DAC areas within the Bay Area region.

    Who is involved in the Bay Area IRWMP?

    Development of the Bay Area IRWMP involves a diverse group of water supply, water quality, wastewater, stormwater, flood management, watershed and habitat agencies, local governments, environmental groups, business groups and other interested parties...

    Find out more about the Bay Area IRWMP

    We welcome you to find out what constitutes an IRWMP, what is integrated planning, why the Bay Area IRWMP is important, how the plan will be adopted, what the schedule is, how much funding is available, who is administering the plan grants, and much more!